Quantigy is a professional engineering and data analytics firm that can handle all of your air permitting needs. We have more than 30 years of experience managing the simplest to the most complex permitting requirements to meet federal, state, and local regulations.

airpermitting-1Services we offer:

  • Regulatory applicability analyses We help to determine which regulations apply to your facility.
  • Permit strategy development We make permit applications easy to understand.
  • Emissions quantification We calculate the emissions from your facility.
  • Emissions netting analyses We assist with all permitting needs – from simple to complex.
  • Air dispersion modeling analyses We model your emissions.
  • Permit application development We prepare your permit application for you – start to finish.
  • Compliance management tools Cloud-based reporting and analytics platform.
  • Compliance certification assistance Monitoring, record keeping, and reporting.
  • Control technology evaluations We make sure you meet or exceed compliance standards.
  • Emissions trading assistance We will facilitate emissions trading.

Quantigy has deep expertise in environmental regulatory analysis and permitting, industrial processes, mechanical, electrical, and petroleum engineering, and data analytics and information technology.

We specialize in developing innovative approaches to managing and reporting environmental data to enable our clients to increase compliance, efficiency, and ROI.

We complete jobs on time, accurately, and within budget.

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